Canterbury Whitewater Club

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The ultimate outdoor experience

Trips and activities

Whitewater trips on South Island rivers

The club runs trips most weekends of the year from September to June (not through winter), catering for paddlers from beginner to advanced.

Kayaks, rafts, pack rafts and other paddle craft are welcome on trips, depending on location and suitability.

The club also runs courses for beginners each year in the spring.   

Become a member to join in on the fun, or if you wish to find out more contact the club.

View or download the 2023-2024 trip list in PDF format

Guide to organising club trips​​​​​​​

Club trips are at the heart of what we do, and going on trips with other members is what makes funs, memorable and safe experieinces.  For this to happen, we rely on members to take their turn by stepping up and organising trips. It's easy to do!  

Choose a trip to organise that you want to go on, and make it happen!   

Once you’ve selected a trip from the trip list that doesn’t have a current organiser, email the secretary so the trip list can be updated.

Here’s a list of ideas and suggestions to help.  Treat these as a guide and a starting point

1. Start organising ahead of time

2. Familiarise yourself with the river and Club guidelines

3. Set a goal or theme for the trip

4. Decide a meeting date, time, and location

5. Find a “River Leader” for the trip

6. Promote your trip

7. Assess trip feasibility and safety

 8. Enjoy !!

River Leader role:

  • Conduct the riverside safety discussion outlining the day ahead. 
  • Identify any known hazards on the section of river being paddled, current river flow conditions, weather etc.
  • Find out from members who is carrying what safety gear and ensure it is correctly spread throughout the group.  On multiday trips ideally this would be organised ahead of time.
  • For larger groups, facilitate splitting into sub-groups, and delegate capable leaders of those groups.  Group leaders should find out who needs support, and organise who is supporting whom, when required.  Make sure to choose a “tail end Charlie.”  
  • Re-assess river conditions at the put-in and throughout the trip as needed