Canterbury Whitewater Club

The ultimate way to experience the outdoors

The ultimate outdoor experience

Beginner courses

Learn how to kayak, and see the outdoors from a new perspective

About the Course

The club runs two beginner courses each spring in October. Each course is 2 weeks long and includes all the required gear that you’ll need. Applications open July/August.

The courses are taught by club volunteers, and consist of 2 week night sessions each week, two half day sessions close to Christchurch the first weekend and an overnight trip away from Christchurch the second weekend, with two days spent on the river. We will depart Christchurch on the Friday evening.

Once you finish the course there will be plenty of grade 2 trips to attend, which is important if you wish to keep building upon what you learnt during the course.

If you wish to find out more, or have questions please contact our Instruction Officer: