Canterbury Whitewater Club

The ultimate way to experience the outdoors

The ultimate outdoor experience


That magical art achieved when you become one with your kayak

Rolling sessions are at Wharenui Swimming Pool on Matipo St, and the schedule is varied so that over a typical month sessions occur on different nights of the week.  

These are for current Canterbury Whitewater Club members only. The small pool size means you must use a whitewater (short) kayak. Non-members will be asked to leave and not refunded.

Be there at 6.45pm to get changed, rinse boat, and be in the pool from 7 – 8pm. Limited spaces available and you must register. First in, first served. Tickets cannot be refunded.

Guidelines for the pool:

  • You need to bring your own gear (boat, spray deck, PFD, paddle, helmet). These can be hired from the club if needed – – this needs to be arranged in advance.
  • Your gear must be clean before entering the pool – no leaves, sand, grit. There is a hose at the pool if you need to rinse gear.
  • Please use the matting provided to protect the pool edge where you enter and exit the pool – kayaks can easily damage the pool if you don’t. If you’re not sure where the matting is or how to roll it out, please ask one of the friendly staff. Also, be careful not to crash into the edge or the bottom of the pool for the same reason.
  • Please do not dive into the pool, it is too shallow, the pool has said kayak groups will be banned if it happens.
  • Always follow requests of pool staff.
  • If you would like assistance with rolling, please contact the instruction officer ( by Thursday of the previous week. They will then try and find you an instructor to come and help, please remember the instructor will be volunteering their time to do this.
  • When you arrive, you will need to bring your gear through the back door (go through the gate in the fence next to the school and then the red door in the alley between the pool and the school). The first person to arrive may need to go round and open the door from the inside first.

If you haven’t been before and are unsure of where to go, what to bring, what to do when you arrive, etc. please contact the instruction officer on